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Days of donating is a charity activity that I designed and developed in 2011. It is a project of giving used clothes, toys or money to children without parental care or socially vulnerable groups.

In 2011., Development Center in cooperation with several partner organizations carried out Days of donating in three countries – Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

These days, we are doing the same project again, also in three countries, but in more cities. In Serbia, we are doing Belgrade four times (four different places), in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are doing Sarajevo and Mostar, and in Montenegro, Podgorica is our target city.

In this two years of Days of donating, I succeed to involve directly or indirectly more that two hundred people to help in donating or spreading the word. It feels amazing when I know that I made some changes and that I involved others to do the same.

I would like to thank all volunteers, associates and people that helped, because we couldn’t do this without you.

Everyone who wants to join me on this or any other project, or would like to do this project in some other coutry, please mail me at info@vukmircetic.com.

Vuk Mircetic

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