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Since my previous post until june 2012, several interested things happened.

In May 2012, I gave my written resignation as vice-president of ELSA Belgrade, two months before the end of my mandate.  Reasons for my resignation were disharmony between my moral system and moral system that majority of ELSA’s members had. I realized that certain activities are not going to be changed, so I decided that the best thing to do is to resign and not to have anything to do with ELSA Belgrade as long as situation in organization remain this way.

After I finished speed reading course, I was recruited to work for that organization as an assistant at speed reading trainings. I was assisting several trainings and helped nearly 100 people earn speed reading skills.

At the 1st of July, I will be hosting one charity event – first birthday of Development Center. All funds raised at this event will be donated to children without parental care.

After that, I will complete Study Skills program at Oxford University and enjoy the summer.

Vuk Mircetic

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